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JWall is the Open Source powered Web Caching and Secure Content Management system which offers state of art technological solutions for the wide area network of any organizations network. JWall is a Linux based product and is compatible with any enterprise class servers and compliant with the hardware/networking modules such as:

Built-in SATA/SAS storages which are capable of storing over hundred GB.

Works on enterprise class Intel clone processors with an optimal speed and throughput.

E1 Interfaces compliant to G.703/704 standards with many of the standard routing protocols and complies to the standards of 100 Megabit to Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

High performing underlying networking architecture.

Completely compliant to networking, routing, web caching, firewall, content filtering, proxy RFCs.

Designed with a very high concentration on managing and filtering the web traffic.

Jwall Features

JWall is a single box solution for all of your web traffic related requirements which can scale up to multi-hundred clients on a standard hardware platform with great performance optimization and accuracy.

  • JWall offers following solutions out of a single box
  • Web Caching and Proxy
  • Secure Web Content Management
  • Basic Firewall and Routing Solution
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