Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services help any business improve its revenue metric by increasing the satisfaction rate of incoming calls. The volume of the incoming calls comes in bulk where each call is valuable irrespective of its type.

javisystems’s groundbreaking inbound call center services satisfy 90% queries in one session instead of connecting customers to multiple agents. Our round the clock inbound call services reduce call-back rate which ultimately strengthens customer relationship.

Unable to handle large volumes of incoming calls? If yes, consider outsourcing your inbound call center services to javisystems. Our inbound call center experts can provide support for functions such as sales, billing, general queries, order entry and many others.

Outsource Inbound Call Center Services – Key features

  • Professional Call Center Executives
    Our experts eliminate hold times and prefer call back with accurate solution.

100% service transparency
Our infrastructure and work policies are best in class which led us to build strong customer base.

  • 100% Data logging
    Our Quality Check team analyzes the data & fixes loopholes recorded during call session.
  • Tech-savvy staff
    Cutting-edge & comprehensive training programs result in increased productivity of workforce.
  • Sophisticated technologies
    Advanced data and voice communication system to make call experience pleasant at both the ends.

Range of Services Offered Under Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

Our Phone Answering Services are specially formulated to help business acknowledge their customer calls during office and after office hours. We make sure that none of the calls go unanswered.

We provide round the clock order taking, validation, order entry, order cancellation and many such services for the global audience. Once an order is placed by a customer, the order details are immediately entered in CRM and the order is processed.

We specialize in providing 800 / Toll-free answering services using one of the top rated call center software. A unique toll-free number is solely allocated to your business and our highly trained team is responsible to answer all incoming calls.

Insurance Claims Processing services from javisystems are quick and efficient. Our services include Insurance claim eligibility check and estimation,claim document verification, disbursement, and accounts settlement.

We can help you find a suitable time for a event such as meeting, conference call. etc and convey the same with your clients.

Our Chargeback Handling Services enable organizations to handle increasing chargeback disputes in a smooth way. We can handle such issues with utmost care and faster. We can streamline the chargeback process and provide the needed support.

Real Time Inventory Status Services allow you keep track on inventory and optimize supply chain. The real time status helps eliminate stock-out situations and lag time when the stock level falls to a predefined threshold.

Our Warranty Registration Services ensure that your customers can easily register for the product warranty and avail the associated benefits like exclusive offers and rewards in the most simplest manner.

Billing queries and payment issues are handled by our team with the utmost care. Our services help ease the billing process by solving the most frequently asked questions as well as non- obvious queries. We make use of the latest technology and infrastructure to provide faster resolution of all billing queries.

We have a team of trained professionals with the ability to encourage up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Our Up-selling and cross-selling services allow organizations to establish and strengthen long-term value of association.

Organizations strive hard to create a product recall in the minds of their customers. Handling and managing customer queries well and on time, can contribute in creating a product recall. We have a team of experts who plan and execute strategies to create and manage a product recall.

We have a team of dedicated and trained professionals who look after the task of rebate processing on behalf of your business. We can provide customized Rebate Processing Services as per your needs. Being an ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management, your rebate data remains completely secure with us.

We specialize in providing directory assistance to clients from various industry verticals. The Directory Inquiry Services intend to provide customers information such as phone number or business address in quick time.

Subscription based is a pricing model that allows customers or organizations to avail vendor’s services for a fixed period of time for a predefined price. Managing a huge customer database is a challenge faced by many organizations, our Ticketing Sales Subscription services help you overcome this challenge.

Our Product Information Services are designed to provide your customers with the right information about your products or services. All queries relating your products or services are handled by an efficient team which is well versed with your product catalog, user manual, terms, policies and other information.

Sales demos are a great way of converting qualified prospects into customers. Understanding prospect’s needs, wants, their schedules and then convincing them to schedule a sales demo is something that we can do it for you in a timely and effective manner.

Our subscription services empower clients with order validation, order data entry, customer information data entry, order cancellation, cheque processing, and exceptional handling. Our team handles new orders and renewals of subscriptions.

The main motto of our Claims Processing Services is to reduce the turnaround time required for managing and processing claims. When a claim is filed and registered, our team takes the responsibility of verifying the proposed claim against set parameters and then carrying out the settlement of the claims.

Our team can provide Payment Collection Services customized as per your exact needs. We keep a track of outstanding amount receivable status and can provide updates to customers when needed.

Sales Closure Services from javisystems increase the chances of closing a sale. The sales team is trained with various sales closing techniques and made well versed with the features and functions of your product or service offerings. This helps in instigating faster sales closure.

Our Job Dispatch Services aim at finding the right talent for your organization. We act as a crucial link between clients and candidates. Our Job dispatch services help to reduce the clutter and streamline the recruitment process.

Why to Choose javisystems?
Besides being one of the most cost effective outsource incoming call center service providers in India, these following points make us stand tall with heads up;

  • Smart monitoring tools that manage and monitor call recordings efficiently to leave no space for error.
  • Impeccable remote call monitoring services to look into customer issues more closely and clearly.
  • Highly experienced call center executives accustomed to take various types of incoming queries on daily basis.
  • Well-versed domain experts with out-and-out knowledge of market situations which quickens the response
  • 24*7 inbound call center services throughout the year ensuring customer calls are answered even on weekends and holidays.
  • Intelligent web-based tools to create, view & distribute voice calls efficiently as per business need.
  • Significant drop-off in operational & infrastructure cost and growth in sales.
  • Systematized transition management plan to outsource incoming call center service at any stage and perform it with better efficiency.