Network Security Solutions


If the Data Center is the heart of IT infrastructure then the Network is the veins and Security is the immune system. Maximizing Network uptime and throughput and protection of corporate data against breaches are the key performance metrics of an enterprise’s network and security systems. Javisystems’s Network & Security practice combines consulting, design, products and services to provide an end-to-end solution that ensures a high-throughput and highly secure infrastructure. Our credentials in this space are derived from our expertise and experience in designing, integrating implementing some of the most secure of networks for India’s Defence Services.

Solutions Offerings

Datacenter Network

We provide innovative and futuristic Data Centre Solution, designed to deliver a simplified yet robust DC network, with a solution ranging from Converged DC to Software Defined Network for DC and Network Function Virtualization. Our services also include Platform tech refresh and DC Network Migration.

  • Converged DC Network
  • Platform Tech Refresh
  • DC Network Migration
  • Software Defined Network
  • Network Function Virtualization

LAN and WAN Solutions

We help to design high throughput network which provides unified and agile network for voice, video and data. Provisioning a centralized management to control heterogeneous network along with creating a backbone of intelligent and structured cabling is our métier.

  • Unified 2 tier campus LAN
  • Secured Wireless and BYOD
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • Software Defined WAN

Datacenter & Network Security

We have highly specialized security framework, designed to protect an organization at various layers like Gateways, LAN, Endpoints, Applications and Databases. we lead the market in providing integrated next gen security like protection from APT and DDoS.

  • Next Gen Perimeter Security
  • DDoS Solution
  • DLP Solution
  • APT Solution
  • Security Analytics Solution

Identity & Access Management

We are leading solution architects for providing Identity and Access Management wherein we design solution to enable right individual to access right resource at right times for right reasons. We achieve these with solution ranging from Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Password Access Management (PAM), SSO, Multi factor authentication, etc.

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Single sign on
  • End Point Security Solutions

Product Offerings

Routing and Switching

  • Edge Router
  • Core Router
  • Core/Aggregation Switch
  • Access Switch


  • WAP
  • Wireless Controller
  • NAC


  • Server Load Balancer
  • Link Load Balancer
  • WAN Optimization
  • Network Performance Visibility

Perimeter Security

  • Net Gen Firewall and IPS
  • APT Appliance/SW
  • DLP Appliance/SW
  • Web & Mail Gateway

End Point Security

  • Anti Malware
  • End Point DLP
  • End Point Encryption

Security Analytics

  • Firewall Analyzer
  • VA/PT Software
  • SIEM Appliance / SW