Tech Support Services

Tech Support Services by javisystems are designed with a deep understanding of a client’s specific business requirements. Timely troubleshooting each query and enabling organizations to accelerate performance is our aim. We provide round-the-clock tech support services to varied B2B segments and strive to meet their specific customer support requirements.

The level 1 customer support services comprises web, phone, and chat. It is crucial in the IT Help Desk to provide support in a non-technical language so that a customer can understand the functionality of the software. javisystems’s level 1 Tech support services team has great customer interaction skills to provide user-friendly solutions as per the specific needs of the business.

Level 2 customer support services encompasses the contribution of our expert engineers in troubleshooting an issue related to customer support. We have an experienced and trained team that assists us to deliver flawless results at every level. Our helpdesk staff includes level 1 and level 2 IT engineers experienced in dealing with any kind of complex problems.

Chat support Services for technical issues need well trained, informed and experienced executives to deliver a timely, appropriate and quick response. The team of executives at javisystems, helps customers resolve a wide range of technical issues. Your customers get immediate response and continuous updates. We deliver instant technical support to your customers over live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The network support services provided by javisystems enable businesses to protect and manage optimal levels of operations with comprehensive hardware and software support services. javisystems understands that network downtime can cause a major loss to the business. Therefore, we, at javisystems endeavor to deliver efficient and speedy network support services which take in: open source support, network monitoring, the desktop configuration, desktop support, remote server management, anti-virus solution deployment, and patch management solution deployment.

The voice support services that javisystems provides are focused on equipping voice support executives to liaise with contacts and customers to achieve the assigned tasks. The executives handling voice processes are given the updated information on products/services of clients across the globe. The teams are professionally handled by expert managers to ensure smooth and timely delivery of the services with no error.

Email support has become one of the most prominent aspects of communication between your customers and your business. Quick and timely response, appropriate reply, getting feedback through emails to queries, our team is proficient in their job to serve your customers better. Providing issue resolution simply enhances business growth. Our trained and experienced experts provide reliable and satisfying answers to your client’s email queries and reduce follow-ups.

javisystems has expertise in providing your business with the most trustworthy and the quickest tech support with a completely professional approach. We offer remote Desktop support services so that you can continue with your core business activities without sparing your time and efforts to worry about computer issues. Our Remote Desktop Support compliments our on-site service by providing timely and satisfying remote desktop support for issues that require fast attention.

With mobile & tablet being used by every individual despite location or country, the technical issues are inevitable. Our team of experts is best trained, is available round the clock to assist your customers with issues of setup and installation of the devices, be it a Smartphone or a tablet. We provide technical support for all reputed brands of mobiles and tablets. javisystems provides quick online support for all other issues including software errors irrespective of its brand and make.

Active Directory Services provided by javisystems are aimed to help your business minimize the risk of disrupting critical business applications while optimizing the performance, stability, and security of the Microsoft infrastructure. We understand that your organization struggles with automating time-consuming tasks while managing an active directory. Our services enhance visibility and accountability with our proficient team of active directory environment.

For the businesses using the Microsoft Exchange Server, we provide outstanding Microsoft Exchange support services. Our team of Microsoft-trained experts performs professionally 24/7, helping you achieve a glitch-free network so your time can be spent on the productivity of your business. We constantly monitor the Exchange server, diagnose and repair issues, oversee data security and ultimately provide you with a safe and reliable server experience.

Usually, software patches are introduced in the system when a problem is brought to attention, or if users require functionality that was not provided. A software patch management will take care of such issues, but only if it is installed and implemented correctly and in a timely manner. It is recommended to have a Patch Management policy for your third-party programs should exist alongside Microsoft Patch Management process. It helps you accomplish a variety of goals and keeping your system updated is essential to keeping your business competitive, safe and modern.

A trouble ticket system is better to be installed early than many other methods of dealing with customer questions or reported issues. A trouble ticket is the result of an end user submitting a help request through an issue tracking system, and it contains elements detailing the exact nature of the problem the end user is having with a particular network. We provide an efficient system which enhances your issue resolution process and saves time.