Loan Processing Services

Do you find Loan processing a tedious and time-consuming task? Loan Processing Services by javisystems can help reduce your time on loan processing and provide you the flexibility to concentrate on your core competencies. javisystems has been working with banks and other financial firms, managing their Loan processing operations since 19+ years. Loan Processing Outsourcing Services team is well versed in carrying verification of various loan documents such as credit reports, credit history payment, tax returns and others.

Our Loan Processing Services include credit processing, disbursement processing and loan servicing.We provide 24×7 service for processing all your loan documents in a timely manner.

Our Services Include

  • Credit & Loan Processing
    It includes verifying documents received, data processing on credit platform/LOS/LMS, credit check through database de-dupe, credit score, check, tele-verification and co-ordination with field verification process.
  • Loan Servicing
    This encompasses handling foreclosure requests (FC), providing a statement of Accounts (SOA), and cancellation of Lien/ No Objection (NOC) on the asset. The task in loan servicing includes sending monthly payment statements, collecting payments, maintaining records and managing records.
  • Disbursement Processing
    The disbursement processing task consists of verification of post-delivery documents. This refers to checking post-delivery documentation and performing disbursement and authorization of payments.