Internet of Things

Utilize the Internet of Things and Evolve Digital to be the Intelligent and Autonomous Digital Next

Partner with Javisystems to deliver new experiences at the convergence of edge, intelligence, and humanity, to build competitive differentiation and create value. Harness the power of the IoT to build and optimize connected operations, take customer experience to the next level, and enable new business models by leveraging sensor data, and applying advanced analytics at the edge.

Javisystems Metal to Cloud capability

At Javisystems, we understand that the power of IoT is unleashed by not just connecting sensors but by employing advanced analytics models right at the edge, to enable real-time, here-and-now actions. True success in IoT comes only when it is coupled with design thinking to keep the human element right at the center. Our design thinking-centered approach to IoT ensures that it is useful to the most important element of all – people.

IoT should really be termed “Intelligence of Things”. Our Decision Moments platform brings IoT analytics to life, rapidly moving from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics.

Realizing IoT solutions requires multi-disciplinary capabilities that stretch from devices to the enterprise. Our metal to cloud* capability enables us to provide end-to-end services for all your IoT needs.