Logistics BPO Services

javisystems’s Logistics Process Outsourcing enables enterprises to optimize costs and unlock business value in supply chain processes. Our logistics services deliver the best quality centralized back office support for national and international logistics companies.

Logistics companies are under immense pressures to increase profits, reduce operational costs, and enhance TAT for shipment deliveries. As an ISO 9000 certified company, javisystems gives paramount importance to security, quality, and accuracy while implementing services like logistics accounts payable outsourcing services. We provide end-to-end Logistics BPO services which include Accounts Payable and 3PL Track and trace services. For over 19 years, javisystems has been the most preferred amongst the Logistics BPO Outsourcing Solutions Companies in USA & Canada region. Our commitment to deliver excellent logistics process has resulted in reduced errors, accelerated billing process and better cash flow for clients.

Our Logistics Process Outsourcing Services Include

  • Document Posting, Customs Documentation & AP
    We post the shipping documents under loads/orders. These are segregated by indexing them as (Invoices, POD, Lumper receipts, Bill of Lading, etc). These are directly scanned & sent for processing, retrieved from Carrier websites on behalf of the Client or Emailed. Document follow-up is critical for payment approval. In load building, shipment information/loads are built into the client’s system. Customs documentation requires documentation on the of HVS and LVS shipmen
  • EDI Exception, Exception Management and Cost Analysis
    EDI exception includes reviewing EDI rejects. Detailed research is done to find the correct load and complete the payment cycle. It also involves the communication of the exceptions with account managers. Cost Analysis involves reviewing shipment invoices for potential customers of the client and providing analysis on potential savings for various plans
  • Track and Trace Shipment
    javisystems is responsible for tracking & tracing of shipments. We support all modes involved in this process land, air & ocean. This is done by employing various methods such as Web track, Calling, Email & Chat. We provide support to all types of shipments such as LTL, TL & Intermodal. We are involved in tracking the entire journey of the shipment from pickup to delivery.
  • Pre and Post Audit of Shipment Invoices
    Errors in shipping manifest or invoice can result in overcharge or undercharge. Our Pre and Post Audit of Shipment Invoices services help determine the differences in quotes, shipment weight, estimated time of arrival( ETA) ,etc and take corrective measures against same. Additional charges are calculated and new invoices are sent.

Methods of Shipment Tracking

Web Track

Most of the carrier’s website have a tracking option on their websites. This can be done by using multiple reference numbers such as PRO #, BOL, PO# or Shipper & Consignee information.


For loads on which current status is not available on the carrier website, the carrier has to be called and the information is to be captured via a phone call.


Few carriers give an option to track loads via email to such carriers. Emails are sent to carriers for obtaining current information on the load.


Some carriers have an option where we can chat with the carrier representative by logging in on their website and gathering the shipment information by chatting with them.

Advantages of Our Logistics BPO Services

  • Better Technology
    The heart of our offering is our proprietary technology-quickly adaptable, highly scalable, and uniquely easy to use for clients, partners, and vendors. Through efficiently integrated portals, we ensure better data collection and transmission, seamless communication, comprehensive reporting, and real-time visibility.
  • Expert Logistics Professionals
    javisystems has a team of energetic and enthusiastic logistics experts who are determined to deliver the highest quality service experience.
  • Exceptional Service
    Above all, javisystems values exceptional service in every client interaction. We recognize that one solution does not fit all, so we work to find what suits you the best after evaluating your needs in detail. javisystems ensures that you get the transportation management that’s right for you.

We provide Logistics BPO Services for following shipment types


This includes shipments typically weighing between 151 and 20,000 lbs (68 and 9,072 kg).

Truck Load

Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo, generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container.

Partial Load

These shipments are more than LTL but less than a Full Truckload. The shipment uses a portion of the trailer, typically calculated in linear feet.


Freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.