Outbound Call Center Services

An effective outbound call center services must bring soaring results to a business by acquiring trust of large customer base. A virtuous call handling services must be driven by powerful tools, training and sound knowledge of when and when not to use scripts.

Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Services – Key features

  • Competitive Pricing
    Experience in serving top clients from all across the globe. Impressive & competitive pricing structure depending upon the project intensity.
  • Sophisticated Tools
    Fully integrated communication, monitoring and reporting tools to take call handling services to the next level.
  • Multichannel Support
    Effortless transferable phone calls to any channel, such as, landline, desktop, cell phone or other voice communication tool.
  • Dedicated Staff
    One dedicated manager per project works as a bridge between the call handling service executives and business.
  • Work Infrastructure
    Skilled Outbound call center outsourcing team to deliver seamless, strategic and sound customer services.
  • Quality Assurance
    Not limited to script. Team of creatives to step outside the traditional practice to start animated conversation with the customer.

Range of Services Offered Under Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

The Service Satisfaction follow-up service is crucial for building strong customer relationships and driving more sales in the future. We make sure to create a  follow-up or to stay-in-touch with your existing customers after purchase, to retain them for a long run and keeping away from losing them to your competitors. Outsourcing service satisfaction follow-ups service to us, will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing activities and strengthen your brand value. Our specialized executives are expert in soft skill techniques which will help to nurture long-term relationships with your business clients.

While the sales team of your organization is engaged in converting leads and preparing presentations, our appointment setting services save you time and efforts to focus on core essential tasks and cuts down on your additional human resource expenditure. Our appointment setting services flawlessly take care of your extended requirements.

Our product service and promotion services assure adding momentum in adding new clients to your already existing customer base by spreading awareness and increasing interest in your new product/service. We provide solution-based approach while carrying out the marketing campaigns through telecalling. Our team works to maintain consistency between the product messages and the promotion strategies.

Outsourcing Customer Loyalty Program services help your business to stay ahead in the competitive shopping sector and it is a beneficial idea to retain customers than attracting new customers. Our specialized team helps you boost the profits and make your customer feel enriched by personalization schemes to experience a high priority.

Our teleservices are targeted to let the organizations focus on their core businesses yet provide responsive customer service solutions. It ultimately helps you to improve overall business performance. We have highly trained specialized teams with proficiency in English and local languages.

We understand your concern about Information gathering for your business development. The process of Information gathering can be a time-consuming process. It includes wide research, skills to relate to the prospect, recap and revisit, and then reel in the deal. We help you to continuously gain new information to help build more meaningful relationships and go deeper into each of your accounts.

Improving customer experience, businesses need to conduct customer satisfaction surveys in order to understand the feedback, the changing demands, and customer behavior. We offer customer satisfaction survey services where our executives call up the customers from the existing database.

The welcome call services we provide brings higher customer satisfaction levels, lower customer attrition, Information capture, self-service promotion, etc. Our team of expert outbound callers lets your business upscale and increase your customer’s satisfaction levels.

Our sales verification team consists of highly experienced and dedicated executives provide customers with the accuracy and security that is expected when making online purchases, in-store purchase or B2B purchases. We provide the most secure and recognized form of sales verification.

We strive to provide the most precise and effective market research and surveys that help you to escalate the business planning ahead of our competitors. Our team of experts and trained professionals conduct the market research surveys across different platforms and by targeting respondents according to market demographics and other relevant factors.

Why Outbound call center services from javisystems?

We known every business is unique and so its requirement. Outbound call center outsourcing services with javisystems can benefit your business in many ways;

  • 24/7 ready to perform calls. With vast experience of handling different types of customers coming with variety of questions, we know what probably they are looking for and that’s why we are always ready with appropriate answers.
  • Excellent communication skills. Our agents are creative and not robots who are limited to researched scripts. They are good listeners. In first few minutes they discover what actually customer is looking for and make the conversation accordingly.
  • Customer-focused approach. Unlike, other outbound call center services providers who ignore customers’ interest and focus on product selling, we at javisystems don’t do that. We give pauses in between the conversation to let customers express their concern.
  • Periodical follow-up. Our tools are designed in a way where an automated email or call is created to take the follow up on the last conversation held between executive and customer. The soul motto of our campaign is to covert potential buyers into loyal customers.
  • Goal oriented approach. Before starting the Outbound call center outsourcing services our team comes up with the campaign strategies, where the clear idea of goal and its objective is laid out exponentially.
  • CRM & monitoring tools. We categorize every call and place it in centralized location, where specified managers take further charge. Powerful KPI’s extract calling details, like, availability/unavailability of either party, call duration, total no. of calls, total no. of sales and etc.

What is outbound call center services?

In outbound call center services agents interact with large volume of potential customers over phone intending to convert them into gainful leads. These agents are focused to sell services or product or to raise funds for any cause.

A business carries a lot of operations in a day to day life, consequently, core operations are neglected sometimes. This is when business eventually faces downfall.

javisystems provides remarkable outbound call center outsourcing services that gives business an extra edge by reducing the unnecessary cost of operations, focusing on core competencies and providing efficient services with knowledge base created over the years of experience. Our trained and experienced staff is motivated to enhance the revenues and expand the customer base.